Welcome to the D2G2 blog

Welcome to the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Goverance (D2G2) blog. The objective of this blog is to provide an avenue for communicating the activities of the centre to a wider audience, as well as provide commentary on issues that are directly related.

All members of the centre will contribute to the blog, so the range of topics will be fairly wide (see post “about D2G2”). But all will relate to how it might be possible to improve the way in which we are governed. This will include ways in which an authentic “voice of the people” can be achieved given the problems that constrain the way in which citizens are connected to politics. We will tend to approach these issues from a ‘deliberative’ perspective (see post “what is deliberative democracy?”) and will apply this perspective to a range of issues, such as climate change, democratization (including in specific countries, such as China, as well as on a global scale).

We very much welcome comments; we are deliberative in orientation after all! However, in accordance with the ideals of deliberative democracy (see “what is deliberative democracy”) comments should be restricted to dealing directly with the topic at hand, using a respectful manner. A wide variety of views are welcome, but we will not accept posts that directly attack individuals or use abusive or defamatory language.

Feedback on how we can improve the blog are especially welcome, as is information about the kind of issues relating to democratic politics that are of greatest interest to the public.

Read on and enjoy.

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