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Deliberative democracy and the media

Deliberative democracy is based on the principle that politics should be inclusive, deliberative and consequential. This means that there need to be mechanisms to ensure that all those affected by collective decisions should be able to influence the outcome and … Continue reading

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You’re feeling very sleepy…now vote for me!

In one of the more creative attacks in contemporary Australian politics, Bob Carr (former NSW premier and newly installed into the Australian Senate) accused the leader of the opposition of hypnotising the electorate, repetitively using sound bites in order to … Continue reading

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What does the public really want when it comes to political leaders, or anything else? A deliberative democratic perspective

Anyone in Australia will know that today there was a leadership vote in the governing Labor party at the Federal level. There are more than a few commentators playing to the theme that the victory of the prime-minister over her … Continue reading

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